Saturday, July 31, 2010

Skull and Crossbones Dishcloth Knitting Pattern

find your favorite cotton and the appropriatte size needles for it and cast on 40
1-5 knit
6 k4,p32,k4
7 k40
8 k4,p11,k10,p11,k4
9 k15,p10,k15
10 k4,p10,k12,p10,k4
11 k14,p12,k14
12 k4,p10,k12,p10,k4
13 k14,p12,k14
14 k4,p9,k14,p9,k4
15 k13,p14,k13
16 k4,p8,k16,p8,k4
17 k12,p16,k12
18 k4,p8,k16,p8,k4
19 k12,p16,k12
20 k4,p8,k4,p2,k4,p2,k4,p8,k4
21 k12,p4,k2,p4,k2,p4,k12
22 k4,p7,k4,p4,k2,p4,k4,p7,k4
23 k11,p4,k4,p2,k4,p4,k11
24 k4,p9,k2,p4,k2,p4,k2,p9,k4
25 k13,p2,k4,p2,k4,p2,k13
26 k4,p9,k3,p2,k4,p2,k3,p9,k4
27 k13,p3.k2,p4,k2,p3,k13
28 k4,p10,k12,p10,k4
29 k14,p12,k14
30 k4,p10,k5,p2,k5,p10,k4
31 k14,p5,k2,p5,k14
32 k4,p11,k4,p2,k4,p11,k4
33 k15,p4,k2,p4,k15
34 k4,p12,k8,p12,k4
35 k16,p8,k16
36 k4,p6,k2,p3,k1,p8,k1,p3,k2,p6,k4
37 k10,p2,k3,p1,k8,p1,k3,p2,k10
38 k4,p6,k2,p3,k2,p6,k2,p3,k2,p6,k4
39 k10,p2,k3,p2,k6,p2,k3,p2,k10
40 k4,p5,k4,p3,k8,p3,k4,p5,k4
41 k9,p4,k3,p8,k3,p4,k9
42 k4,p5,k6,p3,k4,p3,k6,p5,k4
43 k9,p6,k3,p4,k3,p6,k9
44 k4,p8,k5,p6,k5,p8,k4
45 k12,p5,k6,p5,k12
46 k4,p10,k5,p2,k5,p10,k4
47 k14,p5,k2,p5,k14
48 k4,p12,k8,p12,k4
49 k16,p8,k16
50 k4,p13,k6,p13,k4
51 k17,p6,k17
52 k4,p12,k8,p12,k4
53 k16,p8,k16
54 k4,p10,k5,p2,k5,p10,k4
55 k14,p5,k2,p5,k14
56 k4,p8,k5,p6,k5,p8,k4
57 k12,p5,k6,p5,k12
58 k4,p7,k6,p6,k6,p7,k4
59 k11,p6,k6,p6,k11
60 k4,p5,k5,p12,k5,p5,k4
61 k9,p5,k12,p5,k9
62 k4,p5,k3,p14,k3,p6,k4
63 k10,p3,k14,p3,k10
64 k4,p7,k2,p14,k2,p7,k4
65 k11,p2,k14,p2,k11
66 k4,p32,k4
bind off and enjoy! When you wash the design will stand out more!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 Amazing Years!

I can't believe that 10 years ago today, I married rthe most amazing man. Yes it wasnt necessarily under the best circumstances but it has turned out to be awesome. We have had some wild and crazy adventures but I wouldnt do them over or ask for a better partner to do them with! You amaze me every day honey! I love you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

So VERY Proud!!!!!

I was informed on Thrusday of this last week that Rob had been entered into a contest with his company. Each General Manager was asked to pick one person out of their centers that they believed deserved an award. Rob's gm chose him and was asked to write an essay as to why he thought Rob deserved this. All essays were then sent to their headquarters in Virginia and were weeded through to pick 5 out of the entire company to get this award. Rob was chosen as one of the 5 for going above and beyond his duties. He was given the discretionary bonus award from the company and will be receiving $2.000.! I am so very proud that he was finally recognized for all that he has done for his company! Yeah Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!