Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prayer from a mommy's shaking heart!

I am writing this today not because I am afraid but because my heart is doubting. I ask you to give me strength as each day passes getting closer tot he surgery. I know that Doctors will be wonderful and that you will come through this very well. God I ask that you hold my hand. I am not feeling so strong in your walk and I need you to carry me. Watch over my John Micahel as he worries about his little sister that he will enjoy his time with Zoompa and not fret. Hold my Rob and give him the strength for both of us. I also ask that you keep Elise hoopers friend in your hands as she is waiting to see if her little baby is coming home to you or staying to grace her mom and dad with her presence. Thank you so much for being an awesome and mighty God and thank you so much for everything that you do for me on a daily basis. AMEN


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We will continue to keep you all in our prayers! xoxo