Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long Week

So you'll have to forgive teh long post this week as it has been a long one. So much has happened. John Michael started school on Monday and had a really good week. He seems to really like his teacher and she him. I also started working again this week. It has been really fun getting back to work but not having worked full time in a while I was quite exauhsted. I am teacheing 2 year olds and as most of you know they definitely keep you on your toes.

Rob has still been resting this weeek and trying to get his foot back to normal. He is still having problems putting pressure on it but seems to be making progress. He is going back to work on Tuesday for the shear fact that he is done being on teh couch and can't take too much more.
This I just wanted to share. Back in June I planted these flowers in the flower box around the bottom of the mailbox out front. I hadn't seen anything from them and was really surprised when I walked outside last Monday and happened to notice these 2 buds. I am excited that of all the stuff I planted something finally showed.

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Bekki said...

John Michael got him a haircut - I love his grin. Too cute.
I bet you are soooo tired! I was/am tired working only 4 hrs/day and I have only had a 6 mo break. lol
Pretty flowers! Maybe you should come over and nurse the ones we planted back to health. I definitely do not have a green thumb. lol