Friday, September 19, 2008

Knitters Treasure Swap Questionaire


Ravelry name rautis2
Favourite color blue, red, purple, or pink
Favourite color mix any
Favourite animal Polar Bear
Favourite knitting project anything
Knitting project you hate I am a bonefied memebr of the one sock club
Favourite magazines anything knitting and Rachael Ray
Favourite books I like a lot of them
Something you collect Polar Bears or Penguins
Something that you always use yarn and needles
Something that you never use stitch markers
Crafts that you make knitted stuff or stuff for my classroom
Hobby knitting, reading, and making lego jewelry
Favourite symbols, shapes, icons, etc hearts, flowers
Favourite accessories earrings and necklaces
Favourites flavors chocolate, coffee, and vanilla
Favourites smells cookies baking, clean babies, and my kids
Favourite yarn fiber any
Something that makes you smile my kids and surprises
Something that makes you cry (sad) thinking about my grandma
Allergies none
Favourite drinks coffee, tea, and coke
Things that you would like to receive and you can’t find in your region. anything really
10 things you love my kids, my hubby, my job, my house, my dog, my knitting, reading a book, a quiet moment, the smell of rain, and beauty
Something that your partner might know… (feel free to express) I love knitting and making lego jewelry

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