Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rachels Birthday

So Today was Rachels Birthday party. We decided to kind of follow tradition and go bowling. She had 2 little friends form daycare come, Brooklyn and COnnor, and Gordon (Brandon and Katie). She of course had a princess cake. She got lots of fun gifts and was very excited to spend the day with ehr friends.
She had such a great time and had to show off what she got. WHen we got home there was a box form Zoompa and Tutu waiting for her with her Tutu blanket inside and a very cute dress. THanks to everyone who sent or gave her a gift. SHe had a great day and wonderful Birthday all around.

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Bekki said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! That girl is always smiling - she is too cute!
And her eyes are absolutely gorgeous by the way!
I am glad y'all had fun!