Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Christmas details

Ok so I have to share more. I made Rob a cowboys colored pillow and a football blanket for his present and of course got him legos. He was so sweet and replaced my foot bath that died this last year since he won't rub feet. He also got me a plane ticket to Denver (yeah gertie can't wait). My best friend Michelle lives there and I haven't seen her since Rachel was about 6 months old. My folks were here with my sister-in-law and we had a great time. Rachel couldn't be without her Auntie Rachel for very long at all. Rachel(auntie) slept in Rachels room and she would not go to bed each night without her. She still asks where auntie Rachel went. John Michael got to sleep on the floor in our room and decided that that is where he wanted to stay. We got to take everyone to dinner on Christmas Eve mexican of course and went to our favorite Tres Hombres. I cooked on Christmas day and wouldn't let any one help me and I think it turned out pretty good we even used the China that I have and have never used. I made Ham and bacon green beans and loaded mashed potatoes, with crescent rolls. We had Marie Callendars pies for desert and just had a fabulous day. My mom even made her ableskeivers. YUmm-o

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