Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When your "bag of tricks" won't work

As we sat in the playhouse yesterday trying to get some play time in before christmas program practice, it started. D started into one of his fits that hasn't happened in 6 months. He started crying and I started in on the list. act like him, ok that didn't work, ignore definitely didn't work, so now he is in full blown fit and wont even walk. We get back to class and time for coats to be off to go to practice, even more of a fit. We head to practice and as the other children start to sing he slows his breathing and you can tell he is listening. Other teachers try to help and fit fires up at full force again. I take the class back upstairs as we are being very disruptive of practice and teh looks form other teachers is unbearable to me. Fit continues for a total of 40 minutes until he finally decides he might want to go play legos. I exhausted my "bag" and was exhausted myself. I leave for the day feeling down on myself as a teacher and trying to think over and analyze what I could have done differently to make it end faster.

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