Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I don't normally make resolutions because well lets face it, who keeps em, right? This year though I decided to make them a little more blanket like so maybe I could do better at possibly keeping them this year. SO here goes -
1. Do ad more color into my knitting. - Things like colorwork and intarsia
2. To get back to the gym on a more consistent basis. - I know this one falls into the weight loss trap but I also know that getting back to the gym will help in that area anyway.

So there is my list. After knitting all the baby blankets that I have right now, which is 6 (nobody else get pregnant for a while please!) I will start with resolution number 1 and next week begins number 2. I will keep u updated on the progress of both!@!

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Tina said...

Hi there sweetie. I so miss you!!! Everytime that I think to call I have to hang up since you are working or it is like 4am your time. We need to do better in keeping in touch. Miss you!!!! Tell JM HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us all. The kiddos miss you all soooooo much (me too!!!)!